Thursday, 14 May 2009

And so it goes..

In probably one of the most misjudged in hindsight interviews ever, Eamon Holmes was asked by Heat magazine recently who was the most difficult person he had ever interviewed. He responded by saying that Rihanna was a spoilt brat and if she was his daughter she’d get a “good slap”. Perhaps her boyfriend Chris Brown is a fan of the former GMTV star as he seems to have taken his words literally and attacked the “Umbrella” star just after she performed at a glittering awards ceremony last week.How depressing for Rihanna, the envy of very woman onstage and living every woman’s worst nightmare off it. It is apparently, not the first time the Jamaican star was attacked by her boyfriend and the injuries she suffered, severe bruising, bitemarks, seem to be part of a long going abusive relationship. How on earth, we wonder, would a global superstar, million pound business woman and talented performer put up with such terrible treatment? For a clue to that we must return again to Holmes’s interview. He revealed that she arrived at the show bundled in a blanket like a small baby. That she woke up briefly to film the interview and once it was over, was gently covered up by one of her entourage and carried away to her next appointment. How many interviews, press engagements, publicity spots did she have that day, I wonder?Where as before the recent news, Holmes story would have been filed under another example of an over pampered diva, not it seems much sadder and sinister. If it’s possible to be killed by kindness, then it’s possible to be indulged, exploited and weakened by those that make their money off your talent. I hope Rihanna ditches the boyfriend and the blanket soon.Putting up with no nonsense at all is the unflaggable, undefeatible, age will not weary her nor years condemn, Terminator 2 of pop, everyone’s favourite mad woman, Madonna. So her marriage broke up, she got a new man A Rod, ten years younger. So he turns out to have used steroids in the past- what does she do? Shrug her shoulders and reason that although she loathes that sort of thing, she’s willing to compromise and make it work. Does she jacksie, he’s dumped and replaced by model Jesus Luz, a full twenty eight years her junior. I genuinely think Madonna may be the next chain in human evolution. When the history of mankind is written, there should be an entire section dedicated to her refusal to take crap from anyone, Rihanna take note.Whereas when the history of reality TV is written, there will surely be an entire volume dedicated to the strange, sad rise and fall of Jade Goody. She wobbled onto the nation’s TV screen a flailing mess of blubbery pink skin and malapropisms. Instantly hated, she slid further down our estimations with a drunken game of strip poker and a fumble under the sheets with a fellow housemate. But then inevitably, as she remained longer in the house, kept in due to her grotesque car crash entertainment value, Jade grew in the nations heart and by the time of the final, she was worshipped by the same frothing mob that had previously bayed for her blood. This capricious swing from hatred to adoration would be the theme throughout Jade’s love affair with the public. Her ditsy persona went from being proof of her sub humanity to the reason she was so adored, a persona copied by successful housmates like Nikkii and Chantelle over the next years. There was Jade Goody perfume, work out Dvds, a residency at Living Tv, however like most things in her life it wasn’t to last. Like a Shakespearian villain punished for wanting too much, she made the mistake of returning to the place that made her, “Celebrity Big Brother” opened it’s doors to her and her family and the rest is Tv history. Along with Jo O’Meara and Danielle Llyod, Jade was accused of racism towards the glamorous Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. In fact, there was very little in Jade’s rant that could be described as racist. She was an insecure, vulnerable, angry young woman threatened by the sophistication and glamour of the Indian star. The child of a heroin addict and battered wife, who left school barely able to academically function, she lashed out against poised polished predator who threatened the only place of success she’s ever had, reality tv. It’s cute if your bad education makes you think East Anglia is abroad, they’ll love you for that, but when it makes you angry and loud, they’ll hate you and turn away. If you’re young and cute like Danielle Llyod, a few glamour shoots is all that it takes for public forgiveness, when you’re Jade you have to cry on national tv and you still won’t be believed. The mob wanted to proof how un racist they were by how much the hated Goody. What was she to do next? She was famous for being famous, as sole provider for herself and her small family all she had to sell was herself, she had to go back on the reality tv road. It was live from another diary room chair, on Indian Big Brother she was told about the cancer that will ultimately take her life, the most painful moment of her life robbed of all privacy and dignity. Her fiancé is giving interviews about her imminent death and posing for fashion shoots holding pictures of her and her boys. We live in a world where a young mother of two young boys’ death is being used to hawk clothes. We may even see the first ever magazine paid for funeral. We can read about her death, with a cup of tea and a biscuit, tut, close the page and then read about J-Lo’s latest shenanigans.When she first grabbed our attention in the BB house, all those years ago, it was for getting drunk and stripping during a drunken game of dares. As she half heartedly covered her private parts her eyes desperately looked for approval and acceptance from the other housemates. Instead of bundling her up and putting her to bed, perhaps repulsed her her vulnerability, the other housemates laughed and sneered at her. Now, she’s selling her death to the tabloids, pleading with us to care for her again. Shame on all of us. It seems even in her hour of upmost need, still no one is gently putting a blanket around Jade and tenderly putting her to bed.

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